LUELLI Teeth Whitening Kit

 Teeth Whitening Gel
Helps to Remove Stains from Coffee
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Product BenefitsWhitening
Item FormGel
Number of Items6
Material Type FreeTalc Free

About Product

Prepare the LED light.

Open the back of the LED light. Take out the plastic tab between batteries.

Attach the mouth tray on LED light.

Breaking off the tip of the teeth whitening gel syringe and squeeze 0.4ml gel into the inner vertical of the mouth tray.

Put the mouth tray into your mouth and press the power button on the light to start the whitening session. The light turns off in 10 minutes.


Take mouth tray into your hand
Apply whitening gel into the mouth tray
Position tray against teeth and leave in for 5-10 minutes depending upon your tooth sensitivity
Remove tray
DO NOT brush or rinse teeth
Remove excess gel from gums as needed

(1) Activation light (batteries included)
(3) 3ML Whitening Gel Syringes (mint flavored)
(1) Desensitizing Gel (for sensitive teeth)
(1) Mouth Tray
(1) User Manual